Christina Carlson

Music Videos Bio

Hailing from a small town in south Texas, Christina was exposed to an eclectic mixture of musical genres at an early age. The Spanish influence from her mother’s side of the family found its way into her heart and exposed her to early Latin music and Bossa Nova sounds, whilst her father always played jazz/blues, Steely Dan, Keb Mo and David Clayton Thomas growing up. Christina has had the honor of performing at events such as NAMM, Sundance Film Festival, Montauk Music Festival, Sag Harbor Music Festival and other gigs from Los Angeles, to Austin, to Colorado. Her own musical style embodies a striking combination of jazz, pop and a twist of Bossa Nova soul. Often referred to as a mixture between Norah Jones and Joni Mitchell, she turns heads and delights ears.

As a self–taught singer/musician, Christina’s guitar playing and songwriting came later in life. A singer first, Christina attended Berklee College of Music for Voice on scholarship right after high school. She developed her love for songwriting and guitar after she left Berklee. Amazed at the cathartic power of putting her own words to a melody—the music flowed straight from her heart. As her influence continues to grow she spreads light, positively insightful and truth–bearing messages through her music.